Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Solé and Ginuwine at an Album Release Party!

R&B artist Ginuwine and his wife ex-rapper Solé stole the show last
night at a glam album release party for jazz sensations Marcus and Ski Johnson
at the G'town Ritz Carlton.

We snapped the two stars, who mingled graciously with guests who enjoyed
signature cocktails by Maker's Mark and listened to live jazz. Ginuwine’s sixth
album, A Man's Thoughts, comes out June 23.

Above: Ginuwine and wife, Solé, arrive at the Ritz-Carlton for the Marcus Johnson and Ski Johnson Album Release Party.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A special letter from a Sole' fan

I received this email and thought it was cute! Its nice to see that there are still Solé fans out there. Thanks Nicholas :)

Hey there, just wanted to say tight site! and thanks for allowing the fans the opportunity to get in contact with Miss Solé. Letter;

Hey Solé,

Wassup girl?! Okay - well first of all I just want you to know that you have my highest respect && admiration. It's unfortunate that you aren't still in the rappin' game; but nevertheless, that does not relinquish you in my point of view. I remember being about eleven years old when I first heard '4,5,6' - best believe my mama grilled me when she realized what I was listening too [haha]. In any case, now 21 [in just nine more days], a DJ friend of mine gave me your 1999 album as a gift - && girl!!!!

Uhhhh! I just had to look you up, and found Strictly Solé && decided to write you a fan letter. I want to thank you for giving me hope, courage & just lifting my spirts with "4 The Love Of You" && entertaining me with the rest of your lyrics and tight beats! I hope you are blessed with much happiness in life, and hope that you come out with some new material one day!

Much Love && Respect,
xx Nicholas Narciso.